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John & Lisa's Home Renovation


The exterior of our home needed a whole lot of work. We started by having the stucco repaired and the house repainted. The original color when we bought the house was a kind of pastel pink, which I absolutely hated. There was mold growing on it, cracks in the stucco and it looked horrible. The new color is more of a light brown/beige color and is accented with white. I'm much happier with the new color scheme.

The next thing we did was have the roof, the eaves, the sidewalks and the driveway professionally cleaned. It made a huge difference, and was well worth the money.

Once all that was done, I tore down the old fence (which was around 10 years old) and put up a brand new fence. It almost killed me, but I think the end result was worth it!

The house was looking pretty good at this point, but the original landscaping and weed-infested Bahia grass stood out like roach on vanilla ice-cream. I knew we needed professional help for this part of the project, so we hired a very well-known landscape designer to come in and design something wonderful. He did a great job, and we couldn't be more pleased. Some of the plant life in the front yard includes a large Crepe Myrtle, Yellow Holly, India Hawthorn, a large Ligustrum tree, 55 Yellow-Tipped Ligustrum bushes that border the property on each side, a large (and absolutely beautiful) Loropetalum, Society Garlic, a Sago Palm (a must in any Florida landscape!), Tea Olive (smells wonderful!), Weeping Cocculus, Roses and a large Canary Island Date Palm.

We also had an automatic irrigation system installed, along with new Grade "A" Floratam St. Augustine sod. The overall change is amazing - our home looks and feels brand new!

Here are a series of before and after shots from roughly the same positions. I'll probably replace these pictures later this summer once everything is in bloom!

July 3, 2005 Update! The first "after" shot is new. I took it on July 3, 2005. The turf has settled in in this shot, and is freshly cut. We also won Yard Of The Month, so I took a new picture.