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John & Lisa's Home Renovation


Our family room needed a lot of work. Our old leather couch and loveseat were both about 15 years old and badly in need of replacement. The old coffee table barely qualified as driftwood, and pretty much speaks for itself. We also got rid of the brass and glass end table, which we bought with the couch 15 years ago. We went with a leather sectional, which has 3 hideaway full recliners. There is also a fold-down drink/popcorn holder between the two main recliners, and a hidden drawer for remotes, coasters and a blanket. Lisa and I are huge movie buffs, and the new couch has made movie watching more comfortable and enjoyable than we'd ever imagined. As you can see, the dogs love it, too!

The cherry wood Queen Anne secretary was in great shape and works well in the room, so we held on to that.

The new coffee table is made from wood and black marble, and is accented with a oxblood Chinese-style bowl.


...a few "after" shots: