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John & Lisa's Home Renovation


I added some new pictures on June 3, 2005! It's been raining here in Orlando all week - sorry about the dark "after" pictures. I'm going to re-take these photos on a brighter day when everything is blooming.

There's a wide variety of plant life growing in the back yard: Crepe Myrtles, Yellow Holly, Society Garlic, Weeping Cocculus, Roses, Canary Island Date Palms, a Sapphire Duranta, Star Jasmine, Muhly Grass, Irises, Golden Globes, a Nellie R. Stevens Holly, Red Pentas, Verbena, Purslane and a Washingtonia.

Of course the new automatic irrigation system and the Grade "A" Floratam St. Augustine sod are both present back here, as well.

Look for more (and better) pictures soon, but in the meantime here is a series of before and after shots from roughly the same positions.