2006 Weekend Mulch Project - March 18 & 19 / 12_front_landscape_lights.jpg

3/18/2006, 3/19/2006 & 3/28/2006


This is how our house looks at night.

On March 26th, Lisa and I installed some low-voltage landscape lighting. We are very happy with the results! The main gardens, shown here, are powered by a two-circuit, 600 watt transformer & timer. We currently have (6) 35-watt Halogen spotlights, but are planning to add a few more spotlights to highlight the large Crepe Myrtle and the Live Oak. I also wired the area behind the Viburnums immediately in front of the left side of the house, and on March 27th I added some soft accent lighting that glows from behind the bushes and gently washes the lower portion of the house with light. I updated this picture on March 28th after the sky had turned a beautiful shade of blue just after sunset.

We're still working on the lighting in the side yard and the backyard. Those areas will be powered and timed by our existing low-voltage automatic irrigation system, which is wired to the house power.