2006 Weekend Mulch Project - March 18 & 19 / 09_back_generator

3/18/2006 & 3/19/2006


This is the North side of our backyard. The big box on the right contains our generator, which is hardwired to the house using a transfer switch. We can run all the lights, computers, both refrigerators, a couple of TVs, a DVD player and a big portable A/C unit for many days. The hot water heater, coffee maker and other items can be used as well. Generators are "must have"items when you live in a place that sees frequent hurricane activity.

The strip of mulch along the fence is new. I dug it out this weekend and mulched it in. We're going to put bushes, flowers or plants there in a few weeks.

You can see the grass is a little matted and worn thanks to 4 millions trips with the wheelbarrow while we mulched!